Beirut is the capital of the contemporary Lebanon. Since the third century AD, it stood as the Mother of the Laws in the Roman times. It has a history since the creation of History, and that fact is attested by the recent archaeological excavations. Beirut is the concourse of civilizations, cultures and religions. In Beirut, all breathe freedom.
Beirut enjoys a strategic geographical location. It forms a big head that tends to be more like a peninsula. The Phoenician Sea surrounds it from the north, west and south sides. The city is not flat but constitutes a massive plateau that does not differ at all from the natural constitution of Mount Lebanon where the seawaters soak the foothills and the bases of the mountains. Many metaphors were bestowed upon Beirut, such as The Pearl of The East, or “The City that does not sleep.” Some have compared her to Switzerland and Paris, and some have surnamed it “New York of the Orient.” However, Beirut is a unique city unlike any other place on the face of the earth. It is one of the oldest jewels of the Phoenician Sea and the world, and also the most young and resurgence city in the world, because Beirut is the source of the Eternal Youth mystery and the city of magic.
One cannot live in Beirut and deny the values of freedom and love there existing. For, in Beirut, your identity is preserved, as is the identity of others, which gives birth to a new identity; the identity of the Son of Beirut. It is the city full of pluralism, positive harmony and spontaneous exchange between all values. The individual in Beirut is hence formed from the compilation of its values, thoughts and civilization. For that reason, every person finds part of himself or herself in Beirut even if coming from the ends of the earth or spending only few days in there. The term “foreign” does not exist in the dictionary of Beirut, for there is no stranger in the city, as all are part of the household. And, if a visitor ever feels unfamiliar to the surrounding, he nonetheless has the impression of having lived in Beirut since eternity.
Beirut, Ô Mother of the World, Ô Beirut! Generations came and generations have departed and you remain the lighthouse of liberty, solid in your value; a unique teacher of unique lessons.

From the book of Alfred Baroud; Era of Lebanon


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